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How we create our coffee in Colombia
from 100% women owned farms!

100% Super Premium Colombian Coffee
We Hand-Pick Coffee In The High Mountains
We Have Exclusive Access To Micro-Farms
We Create The Blends In Our Coffee Labs
We Roast Fresh Beans In Small Batches
We Rush The Coffee To Your Cup


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Smuggler's Run - Black Big Mug - Pirate's Tale

Great Gift!

Got this as a gift for my brother and he absolutely adores it! It is one of the few blends he says are actively tasty even after the first few cups.

The Accidental Brew

In addition to Ale and Wine, his Brewer worshipers need to expand to coffee!! This is quite possibly the best coffee I have ever had. It is good, strong and it is my top pick for my travel mug.

Geek Grind K-Cups

We like the bags of 24, especially when on sale😉

So Many Bananas in each Sip

The aroma of this brewing fills the area with the smell of fresh bananas and earth. And when you sip it, you can get the hints of it. Now mix this with a Carmel or Carmel Machiatto creamer and you get the rich flavor of bananas in each sit. And Chocolate Carmel creamer adds some extra fun. It is easily my and Kim’s favorite Geek Grind Blend.