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Dragon’s Roast – Dark Fire Blend: The alpha beast of the old world, soaring high above and hoarding deep below, the fire drake is eternal.

This dark roasted super premium coffee is hand-picked at high elevation on top of ancient volcanoes near the cliffs of Darien, Colombia. Follow the treasure of taste with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and tantalizing tangerine.

These steeps hold their secrets closely. Unlock the first chapter of an age-old story with Dragons Roast – Dark Fire Blend.

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Dragon geek love this.

I love dragons, D&D, gaming and all thing in the genre, so when I saw this I had to try it. I was not disappointed. It was wonderful. I save it for special occasions as it is about twice what I normally pay, but will buy again.

Smuggler's Run - Black Big Mug - Pirate's Tale

Great Gift!

Got this as a gift for my brother and he absolutely adores it! It is one of the few blends he says are actively tasty even after the first few cups.

The Accidental Brew

In addition to Ale and Wine, his Brewer worshipers need to expand to coffee!! This is quite possibly the best coffee I have ever had. It is good, strong and it is my top pick for my travel mug.