Geek Grind Coffee Reviews

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Great mug, great coffee so far

Nice looking mug and a really good sized one as well. Got the sampler pack of coffee and so far I’ve tried the FNT blend & Feathers of Liberty. Both are damn good, I’ll have to get a full bag of each of them.

Fantastic blend

The coffee taste great without sugar. Perfect blend of dark roast.

All Hail the best blend EVER

This is the best coffee I’ve ever had …EVER! All hail geek grind coffee and all hail the all hail blend.

Soooo Good

Great coffee. It’s so good and the mug is now my favorite to drink out of. Thanks for being so quick with sending it and the standard of quality that you obviously abide by. New customer here for sure.

It is still my favorite

Tried lots of options. MM is far and away the best. Very smooth and all the flavors are perfect

Tasty coffee with smooth vanilla vibes

Vanilla notes smooth out any coffee bitterness and add a mellow layer of flavor to your morning cuppa. A darker roast than most flavored coffees, Tracks of the Yeti Mountain Vanilla Flavor coffee will satisfy people who want a deep, rich coffee flavor, as well as those who want the mellowness of vanilla.

An alluring treat

A sweet and subtle blend. Once you hear the song, you can’t escape the grasp of the siren!

Elder's Fathom
Nichole Williams
A constant staple

This is a constant at my work place. We trade off on the different types and flavors, but this one is always in stock because it's everyone's favorite 😍

Friday Night Tights Nerdrotic Crate

Best ever!

I bought the decaf, and it is the best coffee ever! I will def be buying more, and I can't wait to try more flavors. Plus I love the packaging!


Really great flavor!

Fantastic Tea

I love all Greek Grind products, love to enjoy a cup of Sarah’s Serenity before bed. Helps me sleep better having this routine before bed.

Loved this coffee!

The salted caramel really came through in a nice not too strong way

Coffee of the Month

Love our coffee of the month…we are addicted.

Currently brewing right now!

I've been drinking this exact blend for a few days, it's currently brewing as I write this. It's a very smooth blend.

I Love Geek Grind Coffee

I only started buying GGC about a year ago. So far I am very happy with the product and will continue to buy from GGC. Thank you GGC!

Bought It For the Cat on the Bag . . . Pleasantly Surprised

This coffee was a present for my mother, who owns a huge black cat. I thought she would enjoy the logo if not be enthused about the coffee. Turns out she loves the bag and the coffee. I have ordered it twice for her.

My Favorite Coffee

The All Hail Private Blend is, no doubt, my favorite coffee I've tried so far, and I'm something of a snob (can't describe flavors particularly well though)

I grind my own coffee beans fresh every morning in my Baratza Encore and make pour over with this stuff, and man is it tasty. Don't miss out on this coffee.

Hail Nerdrotic! Hail Geeks and Gamers! Hail chat!

Cinnamon done right

I am usually very cautious about cinnamon flavors in anything I consume. It can be overpowering and unpleasant to my tongue. But this coffee is cinnamon done right in my opinion. I taste the cinnamon but it doesn't hit me in the mouth like a punch from a pro boxer. Both the flavor and smell of this coffee puts me in the mind of favorite autumn and winter holidays so I will definitely reorder this flavor during those seasons.

Tasty Tea for any time of day

This is a green tea for people who don't usually like green tea. Now, that's not me but it is my mother. I served her a cup of this tea and she genuinely liked it. I also loved the tea and especially the rose and cherry notes. It's a fantastic smell too and sometimes I open the bag just to catch a scent of it. I'll definitely be re-ordering when I run out.

Excellent Blend, Radicalized Coffee

Great coffee, supports a great fellowship!


A great pumpkin spice favored coffee. I could drink this all year.

Flavored K-Cup Assort (20-pack)
Flavored Variety K-cups

I love flavored coffee especially seasonal but dunkin donuts pumpkin and starbuck's gingerbread and green mountains smores taste like chemicals its gross but these flavored Geek Grind coffee are very good no chemical after taste my favorites so far are maple brown and coconut. Can't wait to try the rest of the flavors.

Take me to sea

Very tasty, smooth blend. I feel like the flavor profile is complex in the best way- it's never overwhelming, but you definitely get different notes of vanilla and caramel throughout.

Flavored K-Cup Assort (20-pack)
Shirley Kirsch

Flavored K-Cup Assort (20-pack)