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7 Coffees, 7 Collector Cards/Taste Notes in a Beautiful Collector Box

7 Exclusive Coffees, Plus 7 Exclusive Collector Cards with Story & Taste Notes

Black Beacon - Stowaway Brew Medium Dark Roast

Dark Wing - Quantum Fuel  
Dark Roast

Savage Circus - Man Eating Giraffe  
Banana Brutality Flavored

Maiden - Vengful Delight
Molten Chocolate Flavored

Starward - Derailed Chaos
Light Roast

Swamp God - Crecent City Creed
Bayou Rum Flavored

The Rise - Living Dead
Medium Roast

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769 reviews
Absolutely delicious!

I love the Witch’s brew coffee. It is hands down my favorite! Smooth, flavorful, and smells amazing.

Smuggler’s Run

Great tasting coffee

Wonderfully caffeinated

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know what to expect after seeing the ad for Geek Grind coffee scroll across Facebook. It was my husband’s birthday, and I thought, if nothing else, it would be a lcool gift, even if the coffee stunk or if I never received it. Well, I shouldn’t have worried. Not only did it come in just a couple of days, the coffee is wonderful! I got a whole bean Adventurer sampler pack, two 12 oz bags, and a 15 oz cup. The coffee is fresh and makes that loud pop when you grind it. My husband LOVES it. It tastes delicious and the packaging is great. One thing I noticed is that there is some zingy caffeine in these beans! I only need a cup of Geek Grind in the morning to wake up, whereas I usually have two of my other gourmet whole bean brew. It makes me wonder what the heck the other gourmet coffee is doing with their beans. So, that’s my word of warning, savor the coffee. You won’t need to drink as much because the power of caffeine will “propel” you throughout the day. Even with the darker roasts, which typical have less caffeine. We will for sure be ordering more. Made a customer out of us!

Sunrise Maiden - Vagabond Brew - Starfinder Coffee

Geek Grind is making coffee Great Again!!!

This is a fantastic brew from a fantastic coffee company!!! Give the Geek Grind Coffee company a chance and I promise that you will not regret it....