Pathfinder Coffee Coming Soon from Geek Grind

About Geek Grind Coffee

Experts In Our Field

We operate at the highest levels of innovation related to ecological protection as well as social advocacy for our farmer and community of growers. The schools and infrastructure we support and invest in is invested into the lives of our neighboors and community. At Geek Grind we are mountain farm owners ourselves and intimately understand the day to day needs and opportunities that world of coffee delivers.

- In the photo above Armando, who is both a roasting, tasting and horticulture expert, checks the baby coffee plants which soon will be ready to be planted on the mountainside.

A Family Business

Our family has been a leader in the coffee cultivation and farmer advocacy forefront for more than 40 years. We continue to provide that leadership today in both the US and Colombia. Our desire is to introduce the finest coffee in the world, Colombian high elevation Arabica, to you and those you care about. We love gaming and we love coffee. We support women in management positions. We feel very fortunate to be in an industry that can touch all out passions.

- Above, the team on a recent trip to Colombia discuses the timing of the harvest and the opportunity for new blends.

Only Natural Methods

A lot has changed in the world of coffee in the last hundred years but the best way to get from farm to your cup is not necessarily one of them. Hand picked, hand dried in the sun, carefully sorted and roasted quickly in small batches; is how we do it. Sometimes the old way is still the best way. This is as true today for Geek Grind Coffee as it was when we started more than 40 years ago.

-A very close farmer friend of ours, in the photo above prepares the beans to be sun dried as they have done for generations.

Our Story

Thousands of feet up the mountain slopes breaking through the rising mist off the Cauca River and under the shade of the Jurassic-like plantain trees, you will discover our micro-lot farms in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia. This Eden is where we grow our rich red fruit for the Geek Grind Coffee Company. A refuge from the modern world, the surrounding mountains of Valle del Cauca have, for generations, provided the ideal micro-climate to grow the world's most exceptionally pure coffee. The Geek Grind brand of 100% hand-harvested coffee, the true treasure of these mountains, is inspired and enriched by the beauty of this fertile land and the exacting craftsmanship of its people. Please watch the video we shared to the right and join us as we accend into the clouds.

We Empower Women In Coffee

We support every facet of childhood education, industry training and women in management positions in Colombia. We are proud of our team and proud of what they have accomplished. Our women are leading the way and setting the example that all is possible.

Our Team

Our experienced team is committed to delivering the worlds very finest quality coffee directly from our small mountain farms, to our roaster and then rushed to your cup. To accomplish this rare combination of quality and consistency our family in the United States and Colombia and work directly with nearly 1000 farmers and our own farms - located high in the remote western mountains of Colombia – This gives us exclusive access to the family farmers living there. These micro-lot farmers are our neighbors and friends. From these mountains comes the best coffee in the world and our passion is to deliver it freshly roasted right to you! We also love gaming and all things geeky, amazing and rare. Please watch the video to the right that we have shared. The team visits a nursery of coffee plants in the mountains.       

100% Super Premium Colombian Coffee
We Hand-Pick Coffee In The High Mountains
We Have Exclusive Access To Micro-Farms
We Create The Blends In Our Coffee Labs
We Roast Fresh Beans In Small Batches
We Rush The Coffee To Your Cup