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Forbidden Frontiers - Nerdrotic - Sacrifice of the Pyramids - Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee

Sunrise is golden

Another great coffee from GG. I don’t know that I’ve ever found a brand that is so consistently smooth tasting. I never feel the need for sweetener or creamer with Geek Grind.

Favorite coffee

Love the blend and flavor ❤️👍🏻


Great reminder every day how to conduct myself and what I require from others.

Good coffee!!

I regularly watch FNT and decided to give it a shot. Great taste and a good variety of flavors!

Great coffee

I have ordered a few times now and have loved all the things I have gotten from the sample packs to the k-cups.

Pure Magic

I love this blend. How you've managed to combine and harmonize coffee and apple cider together is just pure magic. By far my new favorite.

Great Coffee!

The coffee samples I received taste very good. The Heritage has a strong kick to it, which I was pleasantly surprised to find. The Feathers of Liberty smelled great, but after brewing I did not notice any vanilla taste. I'm glad I tried this, it's a good intro to the nerdrotic products. And the coffee arrived on time, fortunately not late like Gary lol

My favorite so far!

This is my favorite so far! I've been getting a monthly subscription for over a year now and this is my favorite!

Very smooth with good flavor.

Dragons roast and chicken and waffles

Exceeded all expectations! Will buy again and again. Great coffee and great products! The mugs are heavy duty too, proven by my clumsiness.

Man's folly and how a mug can elevate it above that.

Since eons past to modern day the ocean has held countless amazing mysteries and mind breaking terrors. And humanity in its pursuit to learn those mysteries and alleviate those terrors has sought knowledge sometimes to our own detriment, so pushing itself to the highest peaks and more so to the deepest depths where neither sun nor sanity lay. What horrors will and has uncovered that could drive any mortal to true madness, yet we still search for that is our nature and our curse. Great mug could not recommend it more 5/5, exceptionally large, sturdy, and easily cleanable. Amazing for anything from coffee (Obviously Geek Grind they so many great flavors and offers), tea, or even just a cup of warm honey and lemon water.

SuprNatural Dragon's Roast - Dark Roast Coffee + L-Theanine

I like it black, like my men

Regularly order and reorder all of the Nerdrotic blends. Share it with coworkers, which makes me very popular. The bag is on a shelf in my office and people always ask about it. I use it with the reusable k-cups and enjoy the full flavor without adding anything.

As you wish!

You offered me coffee specially brewed and named after my favorite movie and as I made the purchase I whispered "As you wish!" and I am so pleased with it that it's INCONCEIVABLE!


My absolute favorite! Especially good with cinnamon cream creamer!

This tea was great.

I ordered this tea because it looked cool. Turns out, it tastes great too. Thanks Geek Grind.

Wonderfully flavorful

I'm truly enjoying the medium roasts from Geek Grind. Some other companies medium roasts just end up tasting like slightly caffeinated water. But GG medium roast coffees have the flavor and richness that would please dark roast lovers like myself.

Excellent light roast

I typically prefer darker roasts and am still working through this bag but enjoying it completely. Excellent flavor and just bold enough that I'm enjoying every cup.

Great flavor and excellent taste. Some of the best dark roast I've ever tasted!

I was first brought here by Nerdrotic and the FNT crew a year ago, deciding to give Wing of Liberty a shot since I love vanilla but was weary as my past experience with flavored coffee hasn't been great. Ended up falling in love with it's great taste and came back for the flavored sampler box, which all were great as well!

This year, I decided to give their tea a try along with some whole bean samples (finally got a good grinder) of the non-flavored batches and right away, Dragon Roast stood out as some of the best straight-black coffee I have tasted! Maybe it was due to the this being the first time I have had fresh ground coffee but my experience with the brand has been stellar so I'd like to believe it was a mix of both. Going to pick up a full bag in my next order along with some more samples to try.

Can't recommend this roast enough though!

Double (Chocolate) Dragon!

I heard about this mix on the "Forge the Narrative" podcast and had to try it for myself. My daughter loves hot chocolate in the morning just like I enjoy a cup of coffee. Much like the anecdote in the creation of Hoard of the Dragon, my daughter took one sip of this hot chocolate, and ran off with the mug! This is a fantastic and delicious hot chocolate mix that has now become the default go-to in my household. Pick up a bag (or two) of Hoard of the Dragon now! You'll love it!

A tasty sample of coffee

Both varieties were quite good, high quality and smooth. I enjoyed!

Great Coffee

Nice rich flavor, and as always I love the artwork and naming

Pathfinder - Goblin Gulp - Medium Roast

Best Coffee I've Ever Had

Better than Starbucks, better than your local diner, this coffee changed my life!