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Nice shirt! Love it but runs a bit to the small side. If you are close to the next size up then go foe it!

Decaf does not skimp on flavor

It's sweet and so so so delicious!

Perfect dark roast

I got this for my dad and now he is obsessed and won't drink any other coffee.

An Excellent Blueberry Tea

What I like about this tea is that it does not have the super-sweet "fake" blueberry taste found in some other products. It has become my afternoon treat.

My favorite

This is my favorite flavor so far! You can really taste the hints of chocolate and cinnamon! I have to have multiple cups of this coffee

Great taste

Legend of the Loch has a great taste and it’s got that creamy flavor and richness to it exactly as you would expect. Geek Grind does not disappoint with its blends!

I don't even LIKE flavored coffee. Wow!

I don't know what it is, but the bourbon flavor is just so good. Like every coffee I've tried so far, I'm just a huge fan of how rich the taste is.

My go-to medium coffee

It honestly is one of my basics to keep around now. I couldn't help having my family and friends try this flavor too. It's a good one almost anyone since it's rich in flavor but not too dark!

My Favorite!!

I love this coffee so much, it's not as bitter, and makes the perfect mocha with a little hot chocolate mix.

New age rustic coffee

I order samples of of GeekGrind coffee for the first time during Christmas to surprise my boyfriend. He was new to being a hot coffee lover and had been currently enjoying the 1850s line from Folgers. With him being a gamer and I a D&D lover the coffee change seemed justified and needed. All of the samples we ordered were good but this Nerdrotic Heritage blew the 1850s line out of the water without having extremely noticeable flavors like the maple brown sugar flavor we also ordered. This dark roast is strong and perfect for late night WOW raids, Long D&D gameplay, and of course the early morning rise and shine to play this game called life every day. We both would highly recommend this flavor to all those looking for some extra strength on their journey.

Thank you Kayla!!! So happy you love the coffee! Makes our day

Excellent Tea

Even the premium grocery store brands do not have the flavor of this tea. Delicious.

Heritage Roast

We wanted a coffee similar to our favorite (Infowars Patriot Blend) that's been out of stock. This coffee is amazing. We setup it up to arrive every month.

So good!

So smooth and delicious. I absolutely love this tea!

Great stuff

Bought this as a gift for my mother who has complimented both the theme and the taste!

The Best Hot Chocolate, Hands Down!

This is THE BEST hot chocolate I have ever had!!! Nobody else comes close! Swiss Miss, Godiva, Nestle, Sillycow - moooove over! Hoard of the Dragon is sweet and creamy, but not over-powering. It's smooth, relaxing. If you could put a cozy night by the fire into a mug, it would be this drink. It also dresses up fabulously with whipped cream, cinnamon, peppermint sticks, Bailey's - name your pairing of choice. I am definitely adding this cocoa to my subscription, because I don't want to spend one winter day without it! <3


My wife got me this for Christmas. The first thing I noticed opening the bag was the rich aroma. My first cup was fantastic along with all my other cups..this makes in my opinion, a rich full bodied coffee fit for any occasion. It is a great first in the morning wake coffee just as it is a great afternoon relax by the fire..I can highly recommend this great coffee


This one has a slightly sweet apple-y-ness but a dark warmth. I drink it black and even with reheating, it’s dark and delicious. Enjoy!

"Build Your Box" - 12oz Ground Coffee Bags


Dark Chocolate, yes!!!! This coffee is amazing and I love that I can get it in my build-a-box.

GG Bourbon Flavored Coffee

Purchased this on a whim. Glad I did. Excellent coffee!
The flavor isn't overpowering, and it adds enough to make bourbon stand out.
The confluence of the coffee taste & the bourbon is perfect.

Silent Night Eggnog Gingerbread flavor


Very rich, chocolate flavor. Not overpowering or bitter. Perfect morning treat.

Friday Night Tights Nerdrotic

SuprNatural Witch's Brew - Coffee + L-Theanine

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