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Based on 999 reviews
Solid Quality

Nerdrotic mug came well packaged, separate from the coffee order. Mug is dishwasher safe and fully met expectations. HAIL FNT!

Pretty Good

Interesting new flavor combos I’ve never even considered would go well together and the coffee tastes exactly as it is labeled like witches brew and Locness Flavor. Well done.

May the Wings of Liberty Never Lose a Feather

Stellar. I'm used to average coffee, so this really blew me away! Very fresh, strong grounds with a hint of vanilla, nothing overpowering. Really love this in the morning, heck, I love it in the afternoon too. Highly recommend!

Love Nerdrotic K cupa

This is the third flavor I have tried and my favorite.
Thank you, FNT and Gary.

Awesome Coffee

I love all the coffees that I’ve tried, except for one. They all have great a flavor. I’ve ordered a couple of times already and I’ll continue to order more coffee again. I really like the stories and what is in the coffee on the back of the coffee bags.

Great coffee!

This blend is fantastic! Smooth and great tasting!


Great blend smooth and enjoyable

It's pretty good! Not the strongest blend I've had but it's quite smooth.

Great coffee

All of the flavors in this pack were really good. Ironically, the only one that I didn't think I'd like (Bananas Foster) wound up being one of my favorites. Try 'em. You won't regret it.

Adventure Series Coffee Pod K-Cup Assortment - (20 Pack)

Excellent - offer the Nerdrotic logo on more items

Love the mugs. One is orange the others are yellow. Would be nice if there were more colors of the Nerdrotic logo available.

Great Tea

AAA+++, Drinking a cup as I write my review

Absolutely delicious

I love opening my bag of this delicious coffee every morning! I have to stop myself from opening it up just because. So tasty, I'll always reorder this flavor to make sure I have it on hand.

GD, Jimmy, this some serious gourmet...

All hail, the fellowship of coffee buyers. I found the Nerdrotic Blend to be among the smoothest coffees I have purchased. It's a subtle blend, but don't let that fool you. It packs a good punch and has a great taste. Wish I could be more of a connoisseur in describing any flavor notes, but I am not. I can just tell you that it's a solid, subtle and pleasant cup of coffee.

Nice mug, definitely big

I like the cat design on this sturdy mug. I probably would rather have ordered a regular size as this holds about 2 small cups of coffee.

Love it

This is one of my favorites. I had to buy a cold brew coffee pitcher to make larger batches.

Damn good coffee

Definitely made me more of a coffee drinker

Nerdrotic 15 oz. Black Big Mug

Dragons roast

Love this stuff! Its smooth but if you need a serious wake up call...This is it!

Almost As Good As Buechler Himself!

This is a fantastic Colombian Blend coffee. It’s just that simple. If you like good coffee, you will be happy with this purchase. If you like F*lgers, you will get high just from smelling the unboiled beans, start seeing things that may or may not be there (Shadow People!), and most likely need to be scraped off of the ceiling.

The coffee cup is PRODIGIOUS, it is my “I’ve got nothing to do today but drink coffee” mug.

Don’t dither. Buy now. Support those who support our streaming heroes, who are actually supporting us. Think about that.

Great Bright Flavor

Great coffee, great company. The coffee is mild in flavor with a bright finish. Have bought 3 times.


First time trying Geek Grind Coffee. From the awesome packaging to a variety of blends and flavors this stuff is great. Great coffee taste with some fantastic blending of flavors to give it a kick. Can't wait to order different blends on my next purchase. My new favorite coffee has been found.

Bought it for the logo

Don't drink coffee, but love the cups and the Nerdrotic logo on the bag and K-Cups is really nice. Until FNT or Nerdrotic starts selling logo stickers and decals, fans have to get them where they can. Thank you for having them and making them available for purchase. :)

Excellent Blend, Radical Coffee

If you want the crisp taste of well-blended, high-organized caffeine injection with notes of delicious comedy, this is your ideal blend. Well-manicured, radicalized, and focused on true flavor... this is it! Never accept anything less! Hail!

Cinnamon Chocolatey Goodness!!!!

It was so good and warm, Smells devine and reminds me of when Grandma use to brew coffee with a couple of cinnamon sticks on the stove.