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Drive your enemies before you with TWICE THE CAFFEINE, grown naturally at our mountain farms.

Death Dealer is a 1973 fantasy painting by American artist Frank Frazetta. It depicts a menacing armor-clad warrior with a horned helmet, whose facial features are obscured by shadow, atop a horse, holding a bloody bearded axe and shield. The image has led to amazing merchandise, novels, statues, a comic book series, album covers and much more.

Frazetta later painted several other Death Dealer paintings, extending the amazing creativity of the concept. Frank Frazetta is one of the most prolific and well-known illustrators of the 20th century. His art has appeared in a variety of media; comics, posters, album covers, books, etc.

Largely responsible for creating an entire genre of fantasy art. Frank's work is instantly recognizable - the men are impossibly muscular, the women are supernaturally beautiful, and the monsters are indescribably hideous.
Today, Geek Grind Coffee and Tea is proud to partner with the Frazetta family to launch the first ever Death Dealer coffee. One of the highest quality coffees in the world is in this bag. It has been cultivated to deliver more than 2X the caffeine content of regular coffee all while delivering smooth drinkable flavor. Hot or cold, Death Dealer delivers a killing blow to your fatigue

Customer Reviews

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Simply the best

I’ve tried most of the coffee Geek Grind has to offer (nearly everything that is not mocha or hazelnut, which are the only flavors I tend not to like) and of all the ones I have tried, this one is definitely my favorite. I can not recommend it enough. All hail Geek Grind coffee!

David stout

It was great very strong and nice. Would deffenately recommand it.

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