Leshy's 'Lixir - Pathfinder - Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee

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Be cautious trampling too near the cactus leshy when adventuring in the barren desert. One false step and you may face the wrath and biting sarcasm of these arid inhabitants. 

But know that when it rains in the desert they may provide you with precious water for this amazing brew. This blend delivers the fresh mint taste of the desert rains and the rich chocolate flavors of the roaming caravans. It reminds us that sweeter days lie ahead!

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Customer Reviews

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Subtle and smooth!

Leshy's 'Lixer was something I hesitated on trying. Most mint coffees are over powering, and are typically fake tasting. Leshy's 'Lixer surpassed expectations. The aroma was an amazing mix of both coffee and mint, and the mint didn't drown out the flavor of the coffee its self. Everyone in the house loves it!

Thomas Zei
Minty and marvelous!

The Leshy's mint chocolate coffee was a surprise treat! You really get the minty flavor, which is refreshing in the morning. I think I prefer it iced, but it's enjoyable hot as well.

Michael Lehofer-Chavez

I love mint to an obsessive degree. Before this coffee came out I would stock pile dunkin mint coffee for year round use, but this stuff puts that coffee to shame. Both the mint and chocolate are present after the brew and offer both a wonder aroma and taste. And who can say no to the adorable cactus leshy on the bag? If I could give it more stars I would.

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