Prepaid Club - Flavored & Non-Flavored

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100% Fairtrade Cocoa


Pre-ground: ready to brew

Natural Ingredients


Perfect roast ready to grind

100% Palm Oil Free


Recyclable for Keurig style makers

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Different coffee with every delivery!

Try all of our amazing traditional roasted coffees AND flavor-infused coffees over time. This would be an assortment of our coffees that are flavored and non-flavored - EVERYTHING WE MAKE! 

You choose the size of the coffee bag and grind (12oz, 2.5lb or K-Cup pods),  frequency of shipment and quantity per shipment. Then we select what's fresh from our traditionally roasted coffees and flavor-infused coffees so that you or your recipient gets something new in every delivery!

Coffee sent could be any or all of the following flavored and non-flavored coffees:

Witch's Brew - Molten Moonrise, Legend of the Loch - Highland Cream, Smuggler's Run - Vanilla Rum, Desert Winds - Cinnamon Spice, Leshy's Lixir - Chocolate Mint, Lost Islands - Coconut Chocolate, Jungle Haze - Banana Foster, Dawn Patrol - Maple Brown Sugar and many more!

Wizard's Mist, Dragon's Roast, Elven Enlightenment, Dwarven Dawn, Elder's Fathom, Witch's Brew, Frost Giant, Siege Fuel, Labyrinth, Shadowman, Goblin Gulp, Cayden's Cup, Sunrise Maiden and more! 


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