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Spirit of the Winter Witch - Sencha Cherry Green Tea

Spirit of the Winter Witch - Sencha Cherry Green Tea

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"Oh, have you seen the Winter Witch In her robe of filmy lace, With her shining crown and her cloak of down And her gentle dreaming face? The flowers love her, for a snow-white cover To keep them warm she brings. She tucks them around, with a crooning sound, And they fall asleep as she sings."
The Winter Witch loosens her grip on this land as you savor the scent of early spring in your cup. Fair-trade sourced from the Kericho and Nandi Highlands of Kenya and blended in small batches, this hand-crafted mix of subtle green teas, with sweet-tart cherry and suitable rose blossom hints capture the aroma of sacred cherry blossom trees straining to bloom as the snow recedes from the hills.

35 pyramid specialty tea bags, sample sizes and gift crates available.
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Customer Reviews

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Chris Mac
Sampler flavor different

I got the sampler of the winter witch, which (no pun intended) is a rose tea. I'd never had rose tea, but its really good!

Amanda S.
Everything Is Amazing

Everything I receive from Geek Grind is amazing, have not been disappointed yet! Spirit of the Winter Witch is so soothing and smooth! Delicious

Tasty Tea for any time of day

This is a green tea for people who don't usually like green tea. Now, that's not me but it is my mother. I served her a cup of this tea and she genuinely liked it. I also loved the tea and especially the rose and cherry notes. It's a fantastic smell too and sometimes I open the bag just to catch a scent of it. I'll definitely be re-ordering when I run out.