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Geek Grind Coffee

Sugar and Spice Sample Theme Pack

Sugar and Spice Sample Theme Pack

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Sugar and Spice is the perfect way to send a gift or begin to explore the Geek Grind Coffee Line. Get two amazing blends in our 2.5 oz ground or whole bean sample packs. This is the perfect amount of coffee for a full pot of coffee, several pour overs or French press preparations.

Tracks of the Yeti - Deep dark vanilla flavor from the tallest peaks of the Himalayans

“Towards four o'clock the dew fell, and she smelled a gust
of sweetness from the winter roses and a paleness showed
in the sky to the East. It was cold; the wetness was cold on
her hands and she felt her skirt dragging around her
ankles... the light spread, there were long lines of cloud in
the sky and presently above them the outline of the snow...

Night of the Chupacabra - The waves of warm and earthy chocolate that have been artfully blended with sweet, woodsy cinnamon will wash over you like a sultry desert wind. 


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