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Welcome to SuprNatural and the world of performance coffee! We combine rich fresh coffee plus the natural amino acid L-Theanine. This coffee delivers 200 mg of L-Theanine per serving of coffee. This produces the perfect desired 2-1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine. This combination can deliver: - Calm and focus without jitters – all the benefits of caffeine without the downsides! - Improved dopamine stimulation – energy and motivation! - Increased alertness and cognitive performance!

SuprNatural Witch`s Brew is 100% Colombian medium-dark-roast coffee crafted with the addition of L-Theanine which is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green and black tea as well as various mushrooms. It was first discovered in 1949 in tea and has since been extensively studied as is used for reducing anxiety, improving mood, helping with ADHD, for improving focus and concentration, as an effective sleep aid. It has been approved for unlimited use in food as far back and 1969 in Japan and has since become very popular in the US due to its benefits when consumed specifically with caffeine such as that in our SuprNatural coffee.

Our SuprNatural offerings are specifically formulated using safe and natural additives designed to deliver synergistic benefits in your cup. SuprNatural creations from Geek Grind can deliver improved performance when gaming, studying, working and even during exercise. And we could all use some help to stay ahead of the competition, right?Taken alone, L-theanine can be an effective mood enhancer. But when combined with caffeine, there’s can be a pronounced clinically proven synergistic effect. This means you can experience heightened focus, awareness, and energy, as well as reduced stress and improved mental endurance to even higher levels. All this while enjoying fewer of the jitters and anxiety that caffeine can sometimes deliver. Discover the zen of SuprNatural coffee blends from the experienced team at Geek Grind and rediscover coffee again! A blend of our finest coffees from the Restrepo, Cali and Darien farms in the mountains of Colombia. Taste notes of Red fruits, tangerine, red wine, caramel, dark chocolate and slightly scorched brown sugar. We also have a beautiful mug available that is sold separately. Medium to medium dark roast.

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Loretta Maille

SuprNatural Witch's Brew - Coffee + L-Theanine

Gift Crates

Each of our amazing coffee, tea and hot chocolate crates comes with a choice of either Two full 12oz bags of ground or whole bean coffee, a 20 pack of K-cups or two full bags of tea.. then we add in a matching mug and pack it all in a beautiful gift crate!

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