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Tropical Thunder Sample Theme Pack

Tropical Thunder Sample Theme Pack

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Tropical Thunder sample twin pack is the perfect way to send a gift or begin to explore the Geek Grind Coffee Line. Get two amazing blends in our 2.5 oz ground or whole bean sample packs. This is the perfect amount of coffee for a full pot of coffee, several pour overs or French press preparations. OR choose a 10 pack of fresh single serve Kcups!

 Reign of the King: Toasted Coconut and Dark Chocolate -  Every sip will unveil the subtleties of vanilla and brown sugar beneath sweet and complex levels of rich roasted tropical banana. Drink deeply and be transported back to the island in the mists. You have discovered Tatua, the island of the King. - Medium Roast

Lost Islands - Legacy of the Mo’o - An intoxicating and legendary combination of the best of the tropics. Deep, dark, and rich chocolate under a gentle canopy of toasted coconut. Medium Roast. 

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