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Elder's Fathom is a powerful blend of medium-roast Arabica beans, selected twice-yearly from the picturesque mountains of Florida, Colombia. Its complex flavor profile of chocolate, vanilla, apples, and walnuts, paired with a velvety finish, is sure to offer the wisdom and courage needed to meet the challenge ahead. Elder's Fathom is a perennial favorite, crafted for those who seek out bold, nuanced flavors in every cup. Its finely blended ingredients are produced through a meticulous process of selection and specialty roasting, offering an unparalleled coffee-drinking experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderfully flavorful

I'm truly enjoying the medium roasts from Geek Grind. Some other companies medium roasts just end up tasting like slightly caffeinated water. But GG medium roast coffees have the flavor and richness that would please dark roast lovers like myself.

Avery LuBell
Perfect morning brew

This is one of my favorite coffees, and it's the perfect morning blend. It's light and hazelnutty, truly delightful! I've even added a smidge to hot chocolate to make mochas, so good!

Jeffrey Krosch
In the rotation

This is one is in my alternating rotation to order only because I don't have enough to order it every time I order. It is very good.

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Each of our amazing coffee, tea and hot chocolate crates comes with a choice of either Two full 12oz bags of ground or whole bean coffee, a 20 pack of K-cups or two full bags of tea.. then we add in a matching mug and pack it all in a beautiful gift crate!

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