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Jungle Haze Roasted Banana K-Cups

Love Jungle Haze Roasted Banana K-Cups - the banana fosters flavor is my fave Geek Grind!

Great coffee and nice mugs

Love the coffee beans! Smooth and strong.

A Nice Blend

The coconut and chocolate flavors went well with the coffee. The coconut seems to primarily make the coffee sweeter, but not too sweet. I would recommend this!

The Perfect Trio

One of my favorites it Night of the Chupacabra with its chocolate and hint of cinnamon flavors in the best coffee ever. I often make a cup mid-morning when I need a little pick-me-up. On hot afternoons, I make 6 ounces in a Pyrex measuring cup (for easy pouring), pour it over a Ball canning jar of ice (2 cups),
add a splash of cream, and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Fabulous iced coffee to sip while I try to ignore the heat. Delicious!

Campfire S'Mores Summer Camp - Flavored - 2.5 oz Ground Sample

Rich and Delicious

This was rich and creamy with a great flavor! I made it on the stove with 8oz milk to 3 Tbls mix. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be but delicious just the same.

Yummy and strong

This was so good!!! My favorite so far!!! Great flavor but also this coffee has a medium body so its both flavorful and strong!


This chai is amazing! Hot, spicy, cozy! I got the sample pack to try it and found the perfect fall tea!!!!

Great Coffee

I’m a sucker for marketing but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and taste. The build a box is a great value and fantastic way to try a little of everything. Will definitely order again!

Pumpkin Bomb - Pumpkin Flavor - Kcup

Forbidden Frontiers - Nerdrotic- Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee K-cups

Salted Caramel Coffee

Best coffee I have had in a very long time. Absolutely no bitter taste. This is my favorite so far from Geek Grind Coffee.

"Build-A-Box" of K-Cups Bulk

Magically delicious!

Bought a small bag as we love the movie. Was so good we reordered the larger bag for the next order!

Fun way to try something new!

This is a great way to try different kinds of coffee without having to buy a huge bag without knowing what it tastes like. Each sample will make a full pot, or in our case, two half pots. We did the Choose 8 option and we haven't found one yet that we don't like.


Really good idea on the sample box set. This way you get to try different coffees. Highly recommend it for someone who is new Geek Grind Coffee

It's All About Choice

love to pick my favorite flavors plus a perfect medium roast and make the box all about me. The fun begins when the box arrives. I get to separate the flavors, admire the labels, and tuck each flavor into a ziplock bag for easy access. Thanks! Carol

GIFT CRATE "Build-A-Box" of Single Serve K-Cups
Kayce Pearson
Why drink regular coffee???

We bought a few of every kind of non flavored coffee pod and not one has been a disappointment. They’re all bold and delicious, with different roast flavors and we cannot get enough!

The Princess Bride
Karl Williams
Tasty coffee!

Good flavor without being overly potent to the point where I think I'm drinking syrup (or a chemical bath as some other brands of flavored coffee taste like).

Currently drinking right now!

Loving all of the different blends available at Geek Grind. I didn't realize my wife changed to a new bag until I smelled it while pouring.

Great flavor!

I order quite a few flavors here and this is my top favorite by far! I love it!

What the Heck is Going On?

I don't get it. Everything Gary touches turns to gold. This coffee is incredible--the best roast yet! It's got a great taste you can really sink your teeth into. I love sitting down and watching FNT every Friday drinking FNT Geek Grind Coffee from the FNT mug. Life is good, really good.

Me me, I'm a tea man!

Brew it hot and strong. Pour it over ice. Break fog.


I love this coffee.

Tracks of the Yeti - Vanilla Flavor - 2.5 oz Ground Sample