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I love the flavor of this coffee!

Dwarven Dawn
Scott Mangle
Warm and Savory, like a Dwarven cavern should be

Warm up your bones with Dwarven Dawn before you head out to mine the precious treasures from the earth. The savory notes will fuel the fire of your soul to brave any and all dangers in your pursuit of glory and riches. For Dwarves and Glory!


I typically don't care for vanilla coffee, but THIS has changed my mind. It smells like a coffee shop when you open the bag, and the vanilla taste is not overpowering at all. Love it

I'm addicted to this blend

The cinnamon chocolate blend is so good! I will definitely be buying more.

Dwarven Dawn
James Thomas
Nice whole bean coffee - robust and flavorful

I got this for Christmas and just got around to trying it. This medium dark roast is great. I'm normally a Dark roast all the way kind of guy but this is a really nice compromise and this roast actually lets the coffee flavor shine through just a bit more. Excellent coffee.

Love It

Smuggler's Run - Vanilla Rum Flavored Coffee Tastes so good. I absolutely love this flavor.

Starter Set 7 Roast Sampler Crate
A great gift!

Gave the sample pack to my husband as a Christmas gift and have heard rave reviews since. The beans are excellent quality and make a great cuppa. He loves it!

Best bang for your buck.

Doing the rounds to see which of my fav podcasters has the best beans. Well, cast brew is delicious, however, the amount you get isn't anything to write home about. With geek grind I got both a delicious cup of Jeremy and a boat load of it for the price of three bags of the other brand. 2.5 lbs of black rich goodness.

on of my favorites

The flavors in this are great, and is one of my favorite teas. Just ordered a 2nd bag to keep at the office.

Great Mug

This mug was given as a gift for the holidays and the recipent truly loves it. Great quality and holds quite a lot of Tea or Coffe

A Good Intro to Geek Grind

Very pleased with the taster set - good flavors all around. Hard to decide between Feathers of Liberty and All Hail as my favorite. Looking forward to buying more.

Excellent K Cups

Very tasty and aromatic!!


This coffee is amazing. I drink it every Friday Night! :)

Grind of the Guild - Bourbon Flavored Coffee

Must Buy!

This is easily some of the best coffee I have ever bought! Not only do I love the podcast but this coffee was hard to put down! Very rich and smooth taste! Highly recommend!

Mom approved

My mother is a coffee freak and works an office job and loved this coffee it was strong but wasn't bitter

Love this

I absolutely love this build-a-box! It gave me a chance to find any that I like and I have found some that surprised me with how good they were.

yummm and more yummmmm

Tried this on a whim seen the ads for a while. was not disappointed. full flavors and even the none flavored one i got was amazing. ordering more now :D

Jungle Haze Roasted Banana K-Cups

Love Jungle Haze Roasted Banana K-Cups - the banana fosters flavor is my fave Geek Grind!

Great coffee and nice mugs

Love the coffee beans! Smooth and strong.

Lost Islands - Chocolate & Toasted Coconut Flavored Coffee
A Nice Blend

The coconut and chocolate flavors went well with the coffee. The coconut seems to primarily make the coffee sweeter, but not too sweet. I would recommend this!

The Perfect Trio

One of my favorites it Night of the Chupacabra with its chocolate and hint of cinnamon flavors in the best coffee ever. I often make a cup mid-morning when I need a little pick-me-up. On hot afternoons, I make 6 ounces in a Pyrex measuring cup (for easy pouring), pour it over a Ball canning jar of ice (2 cups),
add a splash of cream, and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Fabulous iced coffee to sip while I try to ignore the heat. Delicious!

Campfire S'Mores Summer Camp - Flavored - 2.5 oz Ground Sample

Rich and Delicious

This was rich and creamy with a great flavor! I made it on the stove with 8oz milk to 3 Tbls mix. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be but delicious just the same.

Yummy and strong

This was so good!!! My favorite so far!!! Great flavor but also this coffee has a medium body so its both flavorful and strong!