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Pathfinder - Goblin Gulp - Medium Roast

Pathfinder - Goblin Gulp - Medium Roast

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From misty forests and dense thickets, the goblins emerged in pursuit of their unending quest: to scavenge treasures poorly understood and left behind by humanity. It was during one such quest that they came across a coffee like no other and made it their own.

Stocking their storerooms of goblin lairs across the land, this rare but delicious Goblin Gulp is brewed on special occasions. Through a fortunate turn of events a small amount of this famed elixir is offered to you here and now. In your hands is a thing of greatness, and we know it will energize your adventures!

Taste notes include caramel, nuts, dark chocolate and lime orange. Medium velvety body. 

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Customer Reviews

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robert mesa

Pathfinder - Goblin Gulp - Medium Roast

Great stuff

Bought this as a gift for my mother who has complimented both the theme and the taste!

Austin R.
"It Just Tastes Right"

I am not sure how to explain this coffee but here is how I have attempted to others when I told them they have to try it.
You know how there is your basic office coffee which is generic and it is bitter, well this isn't bitter at all. You also know how flavored coffees typically have an overly powerful flavor, well this doesn't.
This coffee literally to me just tastes right. It tastes like coffee should taste like. So with one cup of this coffee I had a new favorite go to coffee.