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Why Choose This Coffee?

Supports Women-In-Coffee

More than 600 women involved in the cooperative are leaders of their own farms, heads of households or in managegment with our organiztion. Geek Grind is strongly focused on promoting women in leadership, ownership and success in coffee.

Custom Blended

We have three "art and science" coffee labs from which we test and create each exclusive blend. Our coffee masters have nearly 100 years of combined experience. They pour that experience into each special blend.
Each final offering is the result of hundreds of hours of testing and experimentation until it is perfect and ready for your cup.

Hand-Picked at Elevation

We hand-pick this beautifully curated coffee from our own Geek Grind property in the mountains as well as from the surrounding farms of our friends and family. We only pick what is ripe. We never use machinery for harvesting and we dry our coffee naturallyin the warm sun.

Always Fresh

We have been roasting coffee for generations. We roast each small batch of Geek Grind coffee individually to ensure the peak of freshness and flavor. We start with beans fresh from the field. Something nearly no other roaster can say.

You will know it when you take your first sip, this is special Colombian coffee! Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with Geek Grind.

Our Coffee

We have been in the coffee cultivation and managment world for over 50 years. We have our own farms. We are a mixed US and Colombian family who loves coffee and loves the environment. We grow our plants from small seeds and plant them on the mountainside. We work very hard everyday to bring you simply the finest coffee available.



Our Farms

When buying from Geek Grind you are purchasing coffee direcly from the growers and producer. There are no middlemen - Only exclusive access and amazing coffee. Together we provide all aspects of boutique gourmet coffee sourcing, roasting and deliver all while serving the planet around us and giving back. We are pure coffee, on a mission.


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Coffee Art

The coffee is incredible. Typically I don’t care for Colombian grown coffee- too mild. However this is robust and hearty with good flavors and good roast. The growers/harvesters/roaster are artists, and the art is on the bag as well. Highly recommended from a very selective coffee drinker. Ok, I mean picky.

Great coffee!

Tried the Elven Enlightenment. Very smooth and tasty.

Goblin Gulp from Pathfinder - Medium Roast - 12oz. and 5lb. sizes

AMAZING! I love the coffee

The flavor is smooth, when you grind it is like heaven on earth. I really hope it comes back so I can order some more. You guys are the best!


Decided to try it and had it sent through the system to New Delhi. My wife loves it and we have more in the way 👍