Critical Role Bells Hells - Ashton's First Strike Presale


 In the shadowed alleys and lively markets of Jrusar, Ashton Greymoore navigates life's twists with the sturdiness of a mountain. His path, woven from trials and unshakeable resolve, shapes him into a bastion of strength, mirroring the enduring nature of the earth.
Their  tales of facing life's tumultuous storms and standing firm became a cornerstone of Bells Hells’ shared legends, symbolizing relentless perseverance.
Now savor the bold character of Ashton embodied in First Strike Bourbon and Orange Biscotti flavored coffee. This powerful concoction, laced with the sweetness of Orange Biscotti and the warmth of bourbon, captures Ashton's rugged essence and indomitable spirit. Each sip fortifies you, inspiring the resolve to tackle life's challenges with the determination of a true survivor.

Presale shipping early July