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High in the forested mountains of Colombia lives a life, a presence hidden just out of mortal sight. This medium roasted, super-premium coffee is hand-picked under their watchful eyes in the hill-side farms near Cali, Colombia. Carefully brew up a batch and taste notes of chocolate, vanilla, apples and walnuts with a rich dark finish. This awe-inspiring blend reminds us that we are only caretakers of these mountains for a short time. Live well and drink deeply with Elven Enlightenment – Canopy Blend!


What are gift crates?

Customer Reviews

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Coffee fit for an elven queen

When you open this bag of coffee, there is a very delicate aroma to greet your nose. It reminds me of some fragrances or body care that have notes of a coffee fragrance. It's a scent that carries well on the air. Anyway, the taste is amazing. I slightly sweeten my coffee with raw sugar and but not much was needed with this cup. This is an ideal coffee to serve to people who aren't huge fans of coffee or those just starting to drink it or for large gatherings of people whose coffee preferences are unknown or varied. Of course, it's great for us coffee aficionados as well.

My Favorite!!

I love this coffee so much, it's not as bitter, and makes the perfect mocha with a little hot chocolate mix.

Gary Edward Johnson
Light ,Smooth and Easygoing

This coffee is a light medium roast coffee that took me by surprise because I never thought I would like such a coffee. Is very easy and smooth and I look forward to it every morning.

What's are gift crates?

Gift Crates

Each of our amazing coffee, tea and hot chocolate crates comes with a choice of either Two full 12oz bags of ground or whole bean coffee, a 20 pack of K-cups or two full bags of tea.. then we add in a matching mug and pack it all in a beautiful gift crate!

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