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Critical Role Bells Hells - Fearne’s Mischievous Maneuvers Presale

Critical Role Bells Hells - Fearne’s Mischievous Maneuvers Presale

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In the heart of the Fey Realm, where the air shimmers with the laughter of streams and the vibrant hues of blooming flora, dwells Fearne Calloway, the whimsical and mischievous faun. Her essence, infused with the playfulness of the wild, is a kaleidoscope of nature's delights.

Fearne's essence, like the essence of the Fey Realm itself, becomes a symbol of the enchanting dance between the whimsical and the nurturing aspects of nature. Her presence is a reminder of the glee found in life's serendipitous moments and the beauty of frolicsome magic.

Revel in the exuberance of Fearne's Mischievous Maneuvers Bella Coola, a tea that encapsulates the vibrant energy of its namesake. This infusion is a playful medley of hibiscus petals, imparting a tart vibrancy; rosehips, offering a subtle floral whisper; dried apple, evoking the crispness of autumn's bounty; sweet orange peel, zesting the brew with citrusy brightness; and subtle pineapple, adding a tropical, juicy sweetness. Each ingredient interlaces to create a cup that is as mischievously delightful as Fearne herself, offering an adventure with every sip, beckoning you into a world of vivid color and taste. Let this tea enchant your senses, inviting the heart to dance and the soul to sing with the joy of the wilds.

Presale shipping early July.

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