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Critical Role Bells Hells - Imogen’s Jolt Presale

Critical Role Bells Hells - Imogen’s Jolt Presale

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Where the sky dances with electric energy and the air crackles with potential, wanders Imogen Temult, the enigmatic and powerful mage . Her presence, as charged as a brewing tempest, weaves a tapestry of mystery and raw elemental force.

Imogen's essence, akin to the commanding force of a tempest, becomes a symbol of the exhilarating rush and transformative energy of the storm. Her existence is a testament to the formidable strength of nature and the electrifying potential within, inspiring awe and wonder in equal measure.

Embrace the electrifying essence of Imogen's Jolt. This vibrant and energizing blend, imbued with the dynamic zest of citrus and the tingling spark of ginger, captures the witchs spirit and the exhilarating power of a storm. Each sip invigorates the senses, igniting a surge of energy that courses through you like a bolt of lightning. Let this drink be your exhilarating catalyst, sparking creativity and empowering you to harness the storm within.

Presale shipping early July

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