Legend of the Loch - Highland Cream Flavored Coffee

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Embark on the quest! Legend of the Loch - Highland Cream flavored coffee is a harmonious union of Sweet Cream and Honey, Carmalized Sugar and a subtle trace of Salted Vanilla. It boasts a Medium roast and is the result of tremendous effort from our team. We are confident you will relish this distinctive brew!

 Read the lore of the Legend of the Loch:

In the bright afternoon sunshine, on the shores of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, I pressed record as the gentleman across the table from me began to speak. "I first saw 'er in 1957", said Whitiker MacFilson who had just turned 82 years of age this week. His wiry grey hair and wrinkled skin spoke of a world of experience. "Saw 'er, that is to say. Of course, we heard of 'er for many years before that," he added with a twinkle of a younger man in his eye. 
"Was fishing with me uncle and we saw 'er head rise through the water. It’s was a dreich day and the fog was on the Loch.  Moving fast she was, leaving a wake behind 'er," Whitaker exclaimed. "Just off the shore of the old castle Urquhart, we saw 'er. Seems she has some connection to that castle they say. Of course, she disappeared into the dark water just as fast as she rose, but I know what I saw. My uncle never talked about it afterward but like I say, I know what I saw. It was the monster I say. Couldn't have been anything else." he said as his voice drifted off with the memories. 

I thanked Mr. MacFilson for the interview and carefully packed up my recorder and reporting gear. 
I had rented a small boat for later that afternoon and planned to spend some time out on the water. I would stay on the water overnight hoping to catch a glimpse or at least learn a little about the Loch. Something was out there, that was clear from my weeks of interviews. Now to find the beast....

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Metzger
My favorite so far!

This is my favorite so far! I've been getting a monthly subscription for over a year now and this is my favorite!

A good morning sipper

A nice med dark coffee for those cold mornings. Best way i have found to get the most out of it, is to let it sit for a few min after you brew the coffee, really brings out the cream notes on the back end. also pairs well with dairy and non dairy creamer, but would not recommend using to much or the natural cream flavor in the coffee will be overpowered

Great taste

Legend of the Loch has a great taste and it’s got that creamy flavor and richness to it exactly as you would expect. Geek Grind does not disappoint with its blends!

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