The Mighty Nein - Caduceus’ Blooming Garden - Egyptian Chamomile Tea

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The Mighty Nein - Caduceus’ Blooming Garden - Egyptian Chamomile Tea

In the tranquil heart of the Blooming Grove, where ancient trees whispered tales of time immemorial, stands Caduceus Clay, the gentle and introspective fey giant who moves through the verdant world with a profound connection to nature. With a staff that seems to mirror the very roots of his soul, Caduceus is more than just a healer; he is a guardian of the cycle of life and death itself.

Amidst the embrace of the Grove, Caduceus found solace in the balance he helped maintain. Whether soothing the spirits of the departed or tending to the living, his touch carried the wisdom of ages long past. Yet, beneath his calm exterior lays a seeker of truths, both cosmic and personal.

Sip the tranquility that Caduceus exudes with this Blooming Garden Chamomile Tea. The soft but relaxing warmth will bring you relaxation as only time under the ancient trees can.

Ingredients: Camomile blossoms.
Small Batch Blended 
Tea From: Egypt
Region(s): Nile River Delta

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