The Mighty Nein - Fjord's High Seas English Breakfast Tea

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Fjord's High Seas - English Breakfast Tea

Immersed in the depths of Fjord Stone's narrative and the Mighty Nein’s adventures, the "High Seas Breakfast Tea" is a brew that resonates with strength, mystery, and maritime undertones. Just as Fjord, the sailor champion of the sea, charts a course through treacherous waters and faces the unknown, this blend offers a robust and daring flavor that captures his spirit and his connection to the Wildmother. His journey from the coastal town of Port Damali to the deeper, more arcane waters of his numerous pacts is mirrored in the tea's rich layers and bold body.

This blend reflects Fjord’s leadership within The Mighty Nein, his internal struggles with power and identity, and the unyielding pull of the vast oceans he loves. As you partake in the "High Seas Breakfast Tea," you’re not just sipping a classic British tradition, but also embarking on a voyage filled with arcane magic, steadfast resolve, and the echoing call of the open sea, reminiscent of Fjord Stone's epic saga.

Ingredients: Black tea.
Small Batch Blended 
Tea(s) From: Sri Lanka
Region(s): Nuwara Eliya + Dimbula + Uva


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