Critical Role Mighty Nein - Jester's Sweet Treat

Medium Roast
Cinnamon Chocolate Flavored Coffee
Origin/Varietal: Colombian Arabica

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Jester's Sweet Treat Cinnamon Chocolate Flavored Coffee

Dive deep into the whimsical world of Jester Lavorre with every sip of "Jester's Sweet Treat Cinnamon Chocolate Flavored Coffee." Just as Jester's vibrant energy and playful antics light up any room, this blend combines the indulgent richness of chocolate with the warm embrace of cinnamon, capturing the heartwarming and mischievous essence of our favorite blue trickster. Each cup is reminiscent of the handmade pastries and candies found on the streets of Nicodranas, mixed with the zest of her adventures alongside The Mighty Nein. 

Sourced directly from the most cherished coffee bean estates, our brew ensures a foundation as strong and delightful as Jester's personality. The infusion of chocolate with a perfectly roasted coffee provides a velvety smoothness, much like her affectionate nature, while the punch of cinnamon mirrors her spontaneous and spicy pranks. Ideal for those moments when you crave comfort with a touch of exhilaration, "Jester's Sweet Treat" is more than just a coffee—it's a delightful experience. As you indulge in this blend, imagine the doodles in a sketchbook, and the sweet sound of the infectious laughter of Jester Lavorre ringing in your ears.