Cursed Temple - Cafe de San Pedro Necta - Guatemala

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Welcome to the Compass of Adventure Series where we explore the world beyond Colombia.

This story and coffee was inspired by a special farmer. In 2017, Carlos Eduardo Rivas and his family lovingly restored the once-forgotten Finca La Union coffee farm, seeing potential amidst its shadows. Through dedication and passion, they nurtured the soil and embraced Guatemala's traditional coffee processes. The crops, shaded by a ballet of forest trees, grow intimately close, ensuring proper cultivation and ne quality beans. After handpicking each coffee bean, Carlos soaks them in overnight fermentation to develop the taste. The next day they bask on sun-kissed patios to dry in the fresh mountain air – Finally making their way to your cup. Geek Grind Coffee and Carlos's family together crafts this heartfelt brew, infusing every cup with adventure and passion.

October 18th, 1895 – Deep in the Guatemalan jungle – late afternoon: Thurston Von Hamilton, draped in a cloak of shadow, tread carefully where angels feared to step. Tales of a jungle so malevolent that even the moon hesitated to shine upon it were whispered in hushed tones in every parlor back in London. A blood-tinted, gear-driven compass, once owned by his missing father, led Thurston’s way. Every tick marked not only direction but also the ebbing of Thurston's time; for every hour spent in this jungle drained precious time as he searched for clues. Suddenly, the dark jungle parted revealing a sinister sight: the Cursed Temple, its entrance a maw ready to consume all who dare to enter. The forest seemed to hiss with anticipation. This temple's legends were no mere tales—every stone screamed of despair and every corner whispered of the fallen. Inside, a dim chamber bathed in the glow of molten red revealed a beating clockwork heart encased in obsidian. Its rhythm was erratic, frenetic—as if time itself was being choked. The heart's voice, cold and jagged, beckoned, "Release me and regain your stolen father." But Thurston knew better than to be ensnared by its siren call. As the last slivers of daylight threatened to fall, he quickly etched the cursed sight into his journal, praying that his warning would reach others in time. If Thurston can survive the night and escape with the temples secrets, he knows it will be truth too dark to be kept but too dangerous to be shared. But venture on he must.. London and the world may rely on him! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tasting notes: Raisin, chocolate, sweet dates

Region: San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 

Processing: Washed Processing

Description: Fermented 12-24hrs, sun-dried at the farm

Growing Altitude: 1800m

Plant Species: Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

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