Dragon's Roast - Dark Fire Blend

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100% Fairtrade Cocoa


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100% Palm Oil Free


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Dragon’s Roast – Dark Fire Blend: The alpha beast of the old world, soaring high above and hoarding deep below, the fire drake is eternal. This dark roasted super premium coffee is hand-picked at high elevation on top of ancient volcanoes near the cliffs of Darien, Colombia. Follow the treasure of taste with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and tantalizing tangerine. These steeps hold their secrets closely. Unlock the first chapter of an age-old story with Dragons Roast – Dark Fire Blend.


Customer Reviews

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Dragons roast and chicken and waffles

Exceeded all expectations! Will buy again and again. Great coffee and great products! The mugs are heavy duty too, proven by my clumsiness.

Great flavor and excellent taste. Some of the best dark roast I've ever tasted!

I was first brought here by Nerdrotic and the FNT crew a year ago, deciding to give Wing of Liberty a shot since I love vanilla but was weary as my past experience with flavored coffee hasn't been great. Ended up falling in love with it's great taste and came back for the flavored sampler box, which all were great as well!

This year, I decided to give their tea a try along with some whole bean samples (finally got a good grinder) of the non-flavored batches and right away, Dragon Roast stood out as some of the best straight-black coffee I have tasted! Maybe it was due to the this being the first time I have had fresh ground coffee but my experience with the brand has been stellar so I'd like to believe it was a mix of both. Going to pick up a full bag in my next order along with some more samples to try.

Can't recommend this roast enough though!

Dan D.
A Legendary Brew

After grinding up the first cup of beans and brewing it via my espresso machine, I took a sip and was immediately hooked. This Dark Roast has a splendid, robust, smooth and unique flavor that was truly delightful. After my third cup, I decided that a purchase of the 2.5 lb. bag was in order. Dragon's Roast from Geek Grind Cofee is indeed a treasure worthy of a mighty quest into the perilous lair of the fire-breathing behemoth at any time of day to brew a mug (or two) of pure deliciousness.

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