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Hoard of the Dragon - Double Hot Chocolate

Hoard of the Dragon - Double Hot Chocolate

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Simply the best hot chocolate you have EVER tasted! We could not find amazing hot chocolate so we made it!! Now we want to share it with you and your family. Hand-blended to order - amazing mix! Guaranteed! Rich massive immersive double chocolate taste overtakes your senses.

This recipe was ensconced for millennia uncounted. It was guarded by the eternal, and unsleeping eyes of its master. Through countless perils and unfathomable danger it was retrieved in victory over the ancient dragon. Now it is served in Dwarven halls across the land as an elixir of true courage and fortitude.

Take they chill off your armor and feel the warm glow of vitality with this rich hot draught from the halls beneath the snow capped mountains of far off lands. Sample size for multiple cups and full size 12 oz and 28 oz family size bags available right now. Our Hot Chocolate Crates include a beautiful mug plus 28 oz of double chocolate hot chocolate - the most amazing gift for hot chocolate and dragon lovers!

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