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Sasquatch Brew - Maple Brown Sugar- 2.5 oz Ground Sample

Sasquatch Brew - Maple Brown Sugar- 2.5 oz Ground Sample

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Discover the amazing smell and taste of our Maple and Brown Sugar flavored coffee! Medium Roast

"Each cup of Dawn Patrol Maple and Brown Sugar flavored coffee will entice and exhilarate you with the warm flavors of maple syrup hiding behind the subtle overtones of rich brown sugar. "

100% Colombian as always! Select from whole bean or ground coffee in 12oz or 5lb bags. Regular or decaf.

The Story Behind This Coffee:

In the deep winter of 1978, as kids in the Great White North, something began stealing our maple sap from the maple tree taps at our Northwoods cabin. We resorted to laddering up the maple-sap collection pails as high as 9ft up into the air, but still, the sap was taken at night.

We think we know who the thief was from the prints we would find. Each morning we found deep bare footprints in the snow that measured more than eighteen inches long and were as wide as your head. Our First Nation friends said it was the Sasquatch come to drink the sap. They may have been right. At night we would hear their calls, deep in the frozen dark forest. Grandpa said we would let them take their measure of maple sap from the pails and that we should keep to the paths and only go out during the day. 

 Dawn Patrol - Sasquatch Brew with its rich maple and brown sugar flavors honor these memories and remind us that there is often more than meets the eye, where the forest grows dark and deep. Still today, in the far north, if you are quiet when the forest is snow-white and still, you can hear them speak.  
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