Campfire S'Mores Summer Camp - Flavored - 2.5 oz Whole Bean Sample

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100% Fairtrade Cocoa


Pre-ground: ready to brew

Natural Ingredients


Perfect roast ready to grind

100% Palm Oil Free


Recyclable for Keurig makers

100% Palm Oil Free


Coffee + mug + gift box.

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This medium-dark roast super-premium coffee is handpicked at the farm in the Cali, Colombian mountains. It reveals amazing marshmallow and chocolate infused flavors.

Jack’s Journal

4:45PM, Camp Bear Track, Thursday, June 21st, 1984 - The ten of us arrived at camp on the bus late afternoon. We will stay for a week here at Bear Track Lake. Six of us guys and the four girls in our group. Getting to know everyone. Unfortunately, the bus broke down 2 miles from camp so we had to walk the rest of the way. Ed the driver said tow truck would take the bus back to town so we will be isolated for the weekend. We have supplies so it should be fine. Met Jesse the old caretaker and got our gear into the tents. Will make some food in the cooking cabin soon before it gets dark.

10:12PM, Camp Bear Track, Thursday, June 21st, 1984 - Ate burgers from the cooler for dinner and built a fire near the lake for some S’mores. One of the boys named Tony said he saw something out in the lake. He said he could have sworn it was a body or swimmer or something. I told him to stop scaring the girls hahaha.

11:50PM - Camp Bear Track, Thursday, June 21st, 1984 – Looks like no more power tonight as Jesse says the old generator died and he will try to get it fixed early next week. It is pitch black! Jesse found us some old lanterns, so we have some light. The wind picked up and Tony keeps looking out in the lake. I told him to forget about what he thinks he saw and come back to the fire. Jason, one of the other boys and the new girl Rachel decided to go for a “walk” down to the docks. We told them to watch out for the scary “lake man” that Tony saw out in the water hahaha. Rachel did not think that was very funny. 

Available in 12 oz. ground and whole bean, 2.5 lb. bags and look soon for Kcups!

The Super crate option includes two 12 oz.

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