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Geek Grind Coffee

Smuggler's Run Vanilla Spiced Rum K-Cups

Smuggler's Run Vanilla Spiced Rum K-Cups

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Discover and enjoy this intoxicatingly delicious 100% Colombian coffee, from our own farms in the mountains, layered with Caribbean Vanilla and a touch of Sweet Spiced Rum flavor and amazing smell. Stock your holds with this fine supply. You and your crew will be happier for it!

20 pack of 100% recyclable single-serve cups that are compatible with Keurig 1.0 & 2.0!

Smuggler's Rum - A Pirate's Tale

"The dim lantern creaked as it swung on the bow of the leaky longboat. In the early morning swell, grizzled men rowed in the dwindling moonlight. The pirate's ship, the Dark Carnival, slowly disappeared into the fog behind them.

The thundering rolling rumble of the waves crashing on the sand shook them deep in their chests as they approached the shore. The transaction of the evening had been signed in blood between their captain and the dark entity who waited for them in the sea cliffs ahead. Some say this entity was a warlock, some say an even a lich. But such are the rumors that swirl in hushed whispers aboard a pirate ship.

Only the captain himself knew what was in the locked chests in the longboat’s bottom. The locked chests had been promised to the evil party who waited with payment on the dismal beach.
Sitting in the aft of the small boat, the captain chewed an unlit pipe as he worked the rugged wood tiller against the tide. The waves suddenly lifted them and drove them quickly towards the beach. A green glow appeared on the shore...

"That would be him", the captain said in a low voice, "that would be him... "

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Customer Reviews

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Crystal Daniel
Treasure in a Cup

This was the first coffee I bought from this company and the flavor does not disappoint at all! I usually use some type of creamer with coffee, but this is one of the few that stands on its own.


I love the Geek Grind brands of coffee. I have always been a coffee drinker but I can say now that I am totally addicted to their coffee. Full of robust taste and flavors. Makes sitting on the back porch with a huge mug so enjoyable. :)