Full Set of 3 Coffees & 3 Teas - The Witcher Presale

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100% Fairtrade Cocoa


Pre-ground: ready to brew

Natural Ingredients


Perfect roast ready to grind

100% Palm Oil Free


Recyclable for Keurig makers

100% Palm Oil Free


Coffee + mug + gift box.

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This is set of large 1 pound (16 oz) resealable bags or Kcups, of fresh roasted coffee. One of each of the three delicious releases from the new The Witcher roasts. 


A set of all three Witcher teas in big 35 count bags.


Sample sets also available - 2.5oz coffee in sample bag, enough for a big fresh pot! and 8 team bags in a sample pack of teas.




Ciri's Brew - embodies a velvety smoothness that hints at untold treasures. This unique roast blends 100% Colombian coffee with the exotic allure of macadamia resulting in the comforting warmth of a well-crafted brew. Whether you're charting a new course or simply escaping into your imagination, macadamia-flavored coffee is your perfect companion for adventure.


Eredin's Wild Hunt - The chase is on with this rare and robust roast. Taste notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and tangerine support a high body brew with medium acidity. Rich taste presents itself, taken black or add your favorite flavors and creams! This brew can take it! 100% Colombian coffee is the finest in the world and this roast continues that tradition of excellence

Geralt's Draught of Kaer Morhen - A roast created for adventure featuring taste notes of roasted chocolate, vanilla, green apple and walnuts. This 100% Colombian coffee features naturally low acidity and a medium body which is perfect for any preparation style including traditional pour overs, drip coffee or French roasts.


Regis' Home Brew Brewing this fine traditional oolong tea reveals a very smooth taste with light floral notes and a haunting finish. The only ingredient is oolong tea sourced from Nantou county in Taiwan. The delicious Dung Ti Oolong Tea has a high antioxidant level and a low caffeine content. This single source delight is sure to brighten your mornings or put you at ease in the afternoon.


Triss' Soothing Tonic - Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free herb from South Africa that is both delicious and beneficial for human health. Flavored by us with all-natural vanilla, we’ve packed this herbal tea with a rich smooth taste. This tea is delightful hot to warm your soul or iced for a refreshing break from the heat!

Yennefer's Legacy of the Council -Discover the sweet, and berry flavor of Yennefer’s Blackberry Currant Tea. This hand-blended tea contains black tea, blackberry leaves, mallow and cornflower petals, and natural flavors. These luxury ingredients are sourced from Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, France, and Albania. The delicious wild blackberry tea has a high antioxidant level and a medium caffeine content. Enjoy this tea both hot or cold and even add a little bit of honey for a special treat!



Presale limited edition ships late June


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Gift Crates

Each of our amazing coffee, tea and hot chocolate crates comes with a choice of either Two full 12oz bags of ground or whole bean coffee, a 20 pack of K-cups or two full bags of tea.. then we add in a matching mug and pack it all in a beautiful gift crate!

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