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Tracks of the Yeti - Vanilla Flavor - 2.5 oz Whole Bean Sample

Tracks of the Yeti - Vanilla Flavor - 2.5 oz Whole Bean Sample

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Deep dark vanilla flavor from the tallest peaks of the Himalayans

“Towards four o'clock the dew fell, and she smelled a gust
of sweetness from the winter roses and a paleness showed
in the sky to the East. It was cold; the wetness was cold on
her hands and she felt her skirt dragging around her
ankles... the light spread, there were long lines of cloud in
the sky and presently above them the outline of the snow
peaks appeared, cold and hard as if they were made of iron;
they turned from black to grey to white while the hills were
still in darkness.
Then the forest came, mysteriously out of the darkness,
and the light moved down, turning the trees dark blue and
green, and the terrace was full of a swimming light that
was colourless and confusing... Then she looked up and
saw that the Himalayas were showing in their full range,
and were coloured in ash and orange and precious pink,
deeper in the east, paler in the west.
The people called it 'the Fowering of the snows”
- Rumer Godden, Black Narcissus

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