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Succulent Cider Coffee - Kcup

Succulent Cider Coffee - Kcup

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Something wicked this way comes. Wickedly delicious that is! Crisp apple and spiced cider taste is infused with a delicious 100% Colombian medium roast coffee direct from our farms. The hooded man reaches with a weathered hand and twists the last crisp ripe apple from the ancient tree and places it in the well used wooden crate. Returning to the cider house, he carefully rolls each of the apples into the wood and concrete cider press.

Remembering the night is coming, he moves to bar the door just in case. These are dangerous woods at night and he will work late into the evening. As the press does it`s work the rich golden apple juice flows into the copper barrel, soon to be infused with cinnamon and spices until the tart bright cider taste emerges.

This coffee celebrates the harvest of fall and the coming of winter as it combines this flavor of robust spiced cider with delicious rich Colombian coffee. Watch the leaves change color and the world come to it`s winter rest with a cup of this delicious fall and winter elixir.

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