Mighty Nein - Beauregard’s Interrogation - Mocha

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Beauregard’s Interrogation Brew -  Mocha Flavored Coffee

Inspired by Critical Role's Beauregard Lionett's tenacious spirit and insatiable curiosity, the "Interrogation Brew - Mocha Flavored Coffee" captures the essence of her journey as a key member of The Mighty Nein and her unyielding pursuit of truth as an Expositor of the Cobalt Soul. Much like Beau's multifaceted character, this mocha blend harmoniously combines the richness of dark mocha cocoa with the robustness of mountain grown coffee, echoing her fierce combat style and keen investigative skills. A hint of mystery, reminiscent of her travels across Wildemount and beyond, adds an unexpected twist, making each sip as unpredictable and exciting as Beau herself.

Renowned for its delightful aroma and deep flavor profile, our mocha flavored coffee finds its roots in beans meticulously sourced from the world's most revered coffee regions. When combined with the velvety notes of cocoa and our unique coffee blend, the result is a full-bodied brew that is both comforting and invigorating. Perfect for those early morning first cups of coffee or late-night strategy sessions, the "Interrogation Brew" promises to ignite your senses, sharpen your focus, and keep you alert for whatever challenge lies ahead. As you savor each cup, may it inspire the same courage, determination, and thirst for knowledge that Beauregard Lionett embodies.

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