The Mighty Nein - Yasha’s Lightning Elixir – Vanilla Infused Ground Coffee Sample

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100% Palm Oil Free


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Yasha’s Lightning Elixir – Vanilla Infused Coffee

Amidst the rugged landscapes of Wildemount, where untamed plains stretched towards the horizon and ancient forests whispered secrets to the wind, there walked Yasha Nydoorin, the fierce and enigmatic Aasimar, who roamed these lands with a grace that belied her immense strength. A storm raged within her, echoing the tempestuous skies that often shadowed her path.

One storm-tossed night on the open sea and after a battle with a fierce creature of lightning, Yasha told her story to her friends within the Mighty Nein. The sadness she carried within from the loss of her wife and how she found purpose within the saving grace of the Stormlord. In that vulnerability, the tales of Yasha, the storm-wrought guardian with a celestial soul, wove into the epic chronicles of the Mighty Nein, a testament to the unbreakable bonds forged amidst both battle and vulnerability.

Find your strength within, as Yasha does, with this Lightning Elixir. Discover a warm and rich timeless medium roast coffee infused with dark vanilla natural flavors. The storms may rage but this elixir provides the strength and energy to once again persevere.  

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